Battery disposal advice

Battery disposal advise:

The following advise is for all customers who purchase a battery or a product with a battery and who do not intend to resell the product in the form in which it is delivered (end-consumer):

1. Free of charge disposal of used batteries

Batteries contain hazardous chemicals and should never be thrown away with daily rubbish. You are legally bound to return used batteries so that an orderly disposal can be ensured. You can dispose of batteries at municipal collecting points or in stores. Since we also sell batteries and products that contain batteries we are obliged to take back used batteries. However, this obligation is limited to the types of batteries that we sell or have sold. If you wish to dispose of your used batteries, kindly send these sufficiently stamped to the following address: :
Uhrenworld München Center GmbH
Schwanthalerstr. 102
80336 München

2. Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are labelled with a crossed out container symbol (see below). This symbol means that these batteries may not be thrown away with daily rubbish. With batteries that contain more than 0,0005 percent by mass of mercury, more than 0,002 percent by mass of cadmium or more than 0,004 percent by mass of lead, you will find the chemical name of the pollutant in use beneath the container symbol. „Cd“ stands for cadmium, „Pb“ stands for lead and „Hg“ stands for mercury.


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