Rubber B Straps

Rubber B was the first company to manufacture rubber straps that combine the timeless beauty of a Rolex watch with the looks and comfort of a rubber strap.

Over time, they have added further options for watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Breitling, IWC, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Tudor and further brands to their portfolio.


How to order a Rubber B Band

Please send us an EMAIL with the following information about the Rubber B Strap you would like to order:

  1. Reference number of the watch for which you would like to order the Rubber B strap
  2. Type of strap e.g. Glidelock Series, Tang Buckle Series, SwimSkin® Series (SwimSkin® Alligator, SwimSkin® Ballistic, SwimSkin® Twill)
  3. Colour of the strap
  4. If applicable, specification of an optionally purchasable pin buckle
  5. Length of the strap, if applicable (depending on the strap variant, there are length variants from S - XL, and/or whether the dip extension is used, if applicable, please inform us of the number of belt elements on the respective belt side)
  6. Your billing and delivery address (if different)
  7. Your telephone number for queries


Advantages and characteristics of Rubber B straps:

    •    vulcanized rubber
    •    state-of-the-art manufacturing processes
    •    100% Swiss Made
    •    exceptional physical and chemical properties
    •    particularly resistant to extreme environmental influences (e.g. heat, salt water...)
    •    solid inserts within the strap ensure a safe mount
    •    perfectly fitted to the measurements of your watch
    •    utilization of the original strap
    •    wide range of colors

How can we help you

If we have awakened your interest, please give us a call +49 89 54896600. We will gladly inform you about available options and prices.

Example of Rubber B Band Tang Buckle Series

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